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A cozy bedroom corner featuring a black bed with a woven headboard, white linens, a bedside table with books, a patterned vase with a plant, and a wall-mounted lamp. The Metallic Chevron Wallpaper Cream from Decor2Go Winnipeg.
A seamless pattern of Metallic Chevron Wallpaper Cream fabric from Decor2Go Winnipeg in a light beige color, displaying a detailed, symmetric chevron design that provides a tactile appearance.
A minimalist interior featuring a sleek, dark wooden table with an African-inspired sculpture, tall black metal candlesticks using Decor2Go Winnipeg's Metallic Chevron Wallpaper Cream as the backdrop, and a textured black stool against a subtly patterned.
Four vertical samples of Metallic Chevron Wallpaper Cream from Decor2Go Winnipeg each have different textures and shades of gray, displayed side by side to show variety.
A person hangs a large, patterned canvas on a Decor2Go Winnipeg Metallic Chevron Wallpaper Cream, with their hands visible as they position the artwork. They wear a striped shirt, adding a casual touch to the scene.
A roll of Decor2Go Winnipeg's Metallic Chevron Wallpaper Cream, featuring a subtle pattern in neutral tones, with dimensions marked as 24 ft by 36 in, displayed against a white background.
An image showing a 12 inch by 12 inch Metallic Chevron Wallpaper Cream tear-resistant design scale with a textured pattern resembling wood grain, positioned between a ruler measuring in inches. "design scale" text is at the top. Brand Name: Decor2Go Winnipeg

Metallic Chevron Wallpaper Cream (per Yard)

SKU: BO6607

Celebrate the free spirit lifestyle with our Metallic Chevron Wallpaper, where the beauty of nature meets bold glamour. Crafted from a durable blend of synthetic fibers, this unpasted nonwoven wallpaper is tear-resistant and easy to remove from primed walls, ensuring both longevity and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Opulent Design: Paper strips on a metallic ground form a large geometric chevron pattern, washed in translucent color, creating a captivating visual effect that adds sophistication to any space.
  • Durable Material: Made with a special blend of synthetic fibers, this wallpaper is tear-resistant and durable, offering lasting beauty for your walls.
  • Yard Pricing: Priced by the yard and packaged in 8-yard increments, this wallpaper provides flexibility for projects of any size.
  • Generous Coverage: Each roll covers approximately 60.75 square feet, offering ample material to transform your room.
  • Easy Application: Unpasted and wet removable, this wallpaper is friendly to hang and easy to remove, making it ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

Elevate your interior with the luxurious charm of our Metallic Chevron Wallpaper in Cream, where nature-inspired opulence meets modern sophistication.