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A modern bed with beige bedding set up in the Glasgow University cloister, featuring high arched stone ceilings and pillars, blending contemporary living with historical architecture with Decor2Go Wallpaper Mural's Infinite Paths Wallpaper Mural.
A stylized image combining a modern living room setup with a grey armchair and side table inside Glasgow University cloister, featuring arched ceilings and Gothic architectural elements by Decor2Go Wallpaper Mural's Infinite Paths Wallpaper Mural.
Panoramic view of a spacious, vaulted Glasgow University cloister with symmetrical arches and columns, illuminated by natural light, creating a serene and majestic atmosphere featuring the Infinite Paths Wallpaper Mural from Decor2Go Wallpaper Mural.
A Decor2Go Wallpaper Mural design featuring a photographic print of Glasgow University's cloister, showcasing Gothic architectural elements with soaring arched ceilings and elegant columns, with product dimensions marked. "sample - not for resale" watermark
Interior of a grand, vaulted hallway with numerous arches and columns in a historic building, capturing the intricate stonework and a symmetrical design inspired by Glasgow University's cloister using the Decor2Go Wallpaper Mural Infinite Paths Wallpaper Mural.
An architectural interior shows a grand, vaulted corridor with Gothic architectural elements and cylindrical columns. The space is symmetrical and illuminated with natural light, providing a serene atmosphere with the "Infinite Paths" Wallpaper Mural by Decor2Go Wallpaper Mural.

Infinite Paths Wallpaper Mural

SKU: 204062063

Many Gothic architectural elements are still standing across the world today and these details often elevate the inhabitants experience of architectural spaces. Our Infinite Paths wallpaper mural captures a panoramic view of Glasgow University's cloister area where numerous exits and entries are presented to the viewer. The mural's design also highlights the architecture by not having inhabitants within the space, a rare occurrence when photographic sites like this. Bring in this architectural masterpiece right into your home and begin to wonder what or where your next path is.