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Grey Metallic Intersect Wallpaper (60 sq.ft.)

SKU: CC1292

Introducing Intersect Fractal Pattern Wallpaper: Where Connectivity Meets Artistry

Infuse your walls with the captivating allure of Intersect Fractal Pattern Wallpaper. This mesmerizing design features an abstract network of painterly geometric lines, creating a canvas of connectivity that adds depth and dimension to any space. Whether you choose the metallic or color option, Intersect offers a modern aesthetic that elevates your interior decor.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Design: Intersect boasts a dynamic interplay of geometric lines, weaving together to form a visually striking pattern that exudes modernity and sophistication.
  • Metallic or Color Options: Select from metallic or color variants to suit your personal style preferences, adding either a touch of shimmering elegance or vibrant hues to your walls.
  • Generous Coverage: Each double roll covers approximately 60.8 square feet, ensuring ample coverage for your walls and allowing for seamless installation.
  • Pattern Repeat: With a drop repeat of 36 inches, Intersect delivers a cohesive look when installed, creating a continuous flow of pattern across your walls.
  • Easy Maintenance: Crafted from unpasted, non-woven material, Intersect is washable and strippable for effortless maintenance, making it ideal for busy households.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various rooms and settings, Intersect adds a contemporary flair to living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, and more.

Transform Your Space Today: Experience the fusion of connectivity and artistry with Intersect Fractal Pattern Wallpaper. Shop now and redefine the ambiance of your living space with this stunning design.