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A luxurious freestanding bathtub set on a concrete floor with a backdrop of a custom Decor2Go Wallpaper Mural depicting a lush green forest and a wooden suspension bridge. Above the tub hang two woven pendant lights, enhancing
A narrow wooden Decor2Go Wallpaper Mural suspension bridge crosses a lush forested gorge, surrounded by tall green coniferous trees. The perspective is from the bridge looking forward.
A narrow suspended wooden footbridge with metal chain-link sides stretches across a lush green forest, with dense foliage visible around and under the bridge. This scene is perfect for a Decor2Go Wallpaper Mural featuring the Forest Suspension Bridge design.
A long, narrow Decor2Go Wallpaper Mural forest suspension bridge stretches over a lush valley, surrounded by tall evergreen trees. The bridge features a metallic mesh as side barriers and a wooden plank floor.
A surreal custom wall mural where a cozy living room setup with a sofa and coffee table seamlessly transitions into the Decor2Go Wallpaper Mural Forest Suspension Bridge Wallpaper Mural.
A sleek, modern desk with decorative items in front of a Forest Suspension Bridge Wallpaper Mural by Decor2Go blurs the line between indoor and outdoor settings.

Forest Suspension Bridge Wallpaper Mural

SKU: 214869394

Decor2Go’s Forest Suspension Bridge is a beautiful wallpaper mural that brings the wonder of the forest into your home. The mural features a small wooden suspension bridge over an endless wave of trees in the background.

Key Features:

  • Calming Atmosphere - The breathtaking scenery and wide field of view will make you feel lighter, more at peace, and overall much happier than if you were surrounded by drab wallpapers.
  • Vivid Imagery - Rendered in high-definition and with incredible colour accuracy, this wallpaper installation will fill your space with the vibrant shades of nature.
  • Custom Sizing - We work hand in hand with you to bring life to your home. Specify the size of the wall you wish to place the mural on, and we’ll adjust the size accordingly.
  • Local Craftsmanship - This mural comes straight out of Winnipeg with pride! Countless hours of conceptualization and design go into each of our stunning wall murals.
  • Feature Wall - Our Forest Suspension Bridge mural transforms even the dullest of walls into an exciting feature that's sure to catch the eye of guests, and improve the overall look of your interior.

We here at Decor2Go are committed to offering you the best decorations in the quickest, most hassle-free way possible. Come for the decorations, stay for the convenience!


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