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10 must have Wallpaper Murals for space lovers!

10 must have Wallpaper Murals for space lovers!

If you're an admirer of the galaxy and its endless cosmos, you've clicked on the right website. We at Decor2Go, Winnipeg, will make sure you find the interstellar mural for your walls today with our selection of the most delicate space-related murals. 


1. Eden Prime

This wallpaper mural shows us an alien metropolis or a city skyline on an alien planet. The wallpaper mural also shows us a beautiful, gigantic world in the background. The planet divides the sky behind the city into two parts, a beautiful hazy purple on one side and a starry blue-coloured sky on the other side. The mural has a still water body in front of the city. It reflects the city skyline so perfectly that someone might think its a mirror. The mural has a breathtaking view that would fit perfectly into the homes of lovers of the galaxy or on the walls of anyone who believes that there may be intelligent life on other planets. 

planet world cosmo orange pink wallpaper mural


2. No Mans Sky

This mural uses vibrant colours to represent an alien planet with a lime green sky and an orange surface. The white dots in the background represent distant planets and burning stars. They add a dazzling effect to the wallpaper. This mural has a unique concept that will attract anybody who looks at it. The high-definition rendering of the mural makes it a very graphic design. This mural will appeal to the eyes of all space lovers who are curious about other planets in our galaxy and beyond. The best thing about this mural is the planet in the background, represented with different shades of green. 


orange green world earth wallpaper mural canada

3. Red Planet

This mural has a more simple design. The wallpaper is composed of darker colours like black, maroon, red and orange. The brighter parts of the mural are silver and a bright white that represents the moon right in the centre of the wallpaper. This mural will instantly make any room it is installed in look more open and can add some flavour to that room. This mural will add a bit of mystery and enigma to any room, keeping any guests who look at it engaged. The wallpaper mural has incredibly close attention to detail and flawless design. The background of the wallpaper uses a transition of shades of maroon, transitioning from a dark maroon colour to a hazy orange colour. This transition is highly appealing and makes it hard to differentiate between the horizon and the sky. The moon in the centre of the wallpaper perfectly ties the mural together and completes the wallpaper. This mural belongs on the walls of any lover of the cosmos. 


red planet wallpaper mural canada


4. Space Whale

This mural is a perfect representation of what modern art is. You can see a whale in the mural with a body made of stars, but this isn't even the craziest thing. On top of the whale is an astronaut! The astronaut in the mural has weird proportions. With all this going on in the wallpaper mural, it's easy to say that this is a work of imagination designed to leave people in awe of its strange concept. The background is a cream white colour with navy blue representing the stars. The design of the stars is a little cartoonish and whimsical. Which perfectly fits the theme of the mural.


ocean white wallpaper mural canada

5. Solar System Wallpaper Mural

All children must learn about our solar system. This mural will help your children learn about the planets in our solar system and will help to create a familiarity and fondness with the galaxy at a young age. This mural has a children-friendly design. The background is navy blue which goes well with everything else in the wallpaper. This mural is perfect for school classrooms, nurseries and kindergartens and most definitely a good fit for your children's rooms. The mural represents - Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, earth; venus; mercury, and the sun. Each of these planets has a cute smiley face, drawing in little kids making them curious about them. The shooting asteroids are a nice touch to the mural.


blue orange yellow wallpaper mural canada

6. Lost In Space Wallpaper Mural

This mural is a more realistic version of the solar system from the last mural. The eight planets in our solar system are presented beautifully around our sun. The wallpaper maintains the accurate colours of each world, and the background is an appealing colour. This mural is breathtaking. The spaces in between each celestial body have a cloud-like residue. The fading of each planet into the background gives it an authentic feel. The bright light represents the sun executed well. The colours used for the experience are purple, black, white and blue. All these colours work together to express our galaxy and stars. This mural is perfect for an admirer of the universe and our solar system.


blue white space wallpaper mural canada

7. Milky Way Wallpaper Mural 

This wallpaper mural shows us just how magnificent our galaxy is. This mural represents a clear starry night seen from earth and captures the true essence of the passion of all space lovers. This wallpaper can turn even the blandest rooms into a place of excitement and a source of inspiration. The mountains at the bottom of the mural show us that this is a landscape mural from the earth. The colours indicate the sky is breathtaking and can leave anyone awestruck. This mural can make any room look more open and more extensive.


blue black wallpaper space mural canada

8. Under the Moonlight Wallpaper Mural

This wallpaper mural features a whole moon night surrounded by thick clouds. The colours used in this mural are gorgeous. The light blue colour has a fantastic texture. The bright white colours used to represent the moon are breathtaking and perfectly fit the background. This mural can calm your nerves and cheer you up if you feel down and uneasy.

This mural will fit perfectly into your home if you have modern furnishing. 


blue moon wallpaper mural Canada


9. Wanderlust

The wanderlust wallpaper has a beautiful black background with cartoonish clouds and a medley of stars. This mural is comparable to the space whale mural, but this one is not as bold. This mural has a soothing effect and calms you down on a busy day. The mural features an astronaut using a meteor as a balloon to float to the galaxies. The idea behind this mural is quite hysterical. This mural will be an excellent fit for your room if you have a graphic or modern art aesthetic.


black astronaut ocean wallpaper mural Canada

10. Rainbow Sky Wallpaper mural

This mural can make you feel as if you're on cloud 9! It features a sky with thick white clouds and a rainbow-coloured background, giving this mural a very upbeat tone. The colours used for the mural are vibrant and can bring positive vibes to every wall. If you're a lover of the sky and want to get some positive energy into your life, click on this link!

rainbow blue pink nuage wallpaper mural

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