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Minimalistic Wallpaper Murals for your home!

Minimalistic Wallpaper Murals for your home!

Minimalism is a type of design that reduces the number of distractions to allow us to enjoy and focus on the central message of a piece of art. This minimalism movement is nothing new. Some of us have already involved it in our daily lives.

Uncomplicated, elegant, and minimal for a modern home, minimalist wallpaper has experienced popularity among those who want to keep things straightforward. This modern wallpaper concept focuses on the little things and the idea that objects can distract from one's purpose. Minimalist wallpaper comes in any shade and usually includes a simple texture that makes it stand out from the other things. For example, white or cream wallpaper can make a room brighter and lighter, while darker hues can add proportions and depth to a room. In addition, the minimalist wallpaper can include artistic techniques that show someone's personality without dominating the other decor in the home. Whether monochrome or bright, this wallpaper is a staple of modern homes around the globe.

Minimalism ranges far beyond what we see on our walls. The notion of minimalism focuses on what's essential. It removes the "things" and the "objects" that distract from our primary purpose. It has been a common belief throughout religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. However, the term "minimalism" was only coined in the 1950s and 60s because it came to light via music, design and art.

Today, we crack these minimalistic trends by keeping our homes uncluttered. Getting the right balance is critical; otherwise, we risk creating a clinical or boring space. Mentioned below are the tips on how to master the minimalist mural wallpaper design.


Texture: A clean white colour palette may be on-trend but done wrong, and it can be insensitive and impersonal. Achieving the right white isn't as easy as it may appear. The ideal white home is usually carefully curated, with every design element considered to make it look and feel effortless. To maximize space, white or off-white walls can be a great solution to utilize light. The lighter the colour scheme, the brighter and more ample your room will appear. However, to avoid that hospital room vibe, we must include many textures.

You will also have a blank canvas to work with all-white walls and floors. Have fun using bright pops of colour or get experimental with different fabrics.


Arty Designs: Minimalist wallpaper doesn't have to be basic. It can also be full of creative expression and illustrations. Using illustrative wall features, you can apply light colours such as whites, creams and neutrals to the rest of the home. There's no fear of overdoing the clean colour scheme when you have beautiful mellow prints adorning your walls and adding an element of interest. Art can give your room so much personality, but at the same time, it doesn't have to steal all the focus.


Monochrome: Monochromatic design is an excellent tool for minimalism. By incorporating black and white into your interior concept, you can make simplicity more complex and fun. Monochrome delivers an exciting contrast for the eye and helps to create focal points in an otherwise bland space. If you plan to have all-white furniture and decor, injecting some personality into walls can prevent things from looking one dimensional.


Industrial: The use of concrete and raw industrial materials in the home is a strategy that instantly modernizes, bringing your interiors up to date. It also sets the groundwork for minimalist interiors by giving you a manageable canvas to work with.

Whether you live in a new build flat or a character property, concrete makes a bold statement about your style. It's a fad that can be done differently, from a few cosmetic items and small concrete features scattered around the room to exposed concrete walls. There's something to suit every budget with the concrete look, and there are many faux concrete or concrete effect options.


Decor2Go has a wide range of minimalist mural wallpaper. More and more people are turning to more clear spaces now. As a result, minimalist and straightforward wallpaper designs are becoming more desirable for decor enthusiasts. The best of the lot is emphasized below.


White Wood Wallpaper Mural: For centuries, we have been confessed lovers of wood's original and light finish. To be modern is to take current habits, and minimizing the use of this precious natural material is a responsibility we all have to the environment.

With the White Wood Wallpaper Mural, you won't notice the difference between a wooden wall and our completely realistic and original wallpapers. This wooden wallpaper, completely painted in a pure colour like white, will give you a new experience by delivering a clean yet rustic touch to your home.


white wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

Hexagon Equation Wallpaper Mural: Transport yourself to a modern art gallery with Decor2Go's Hexagon Equation wallpaper mural. The clean, light grey palette and geometric shapes compliment minimalist interiors perfectly. In addition, hexagonal patterns create a structured, perfectionist look that will instantly add sophistication to the space. Finally, the varying shades and colours of lines create a wave-like illusion of movement.


white wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

Watercolours Wallpaper Mural: Artistic interior design doesn't have to cost a fortune! Our Watercolour wallpaper mural brings sleek, contemporary art stylish to your home. This decorative wallpaper mural will improve the feeling of quality in your home. Modern art is famous for a reason. The abstract mural features soothing shades of blue and gold accents that add a bit of flair to your home without looking tacky. Despite featuring colours and textures that pop, the ink and paint used to make this wallpaper installation is subtle enough to add minimalist styling to your home.


watercolour white wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

Musical Notes Wallpaper Mural: Bring your home to life with the sound of music. Decor2Go's Musical Notes wallpaper installation shows off your love of music while making your wall look like something from a modern art gallery. Our simple Black & White colour palette makes for a stylish yet minimalist aesthetic that is sure to make your home stand out - in the best way possible. So whether you're into jazz, rock n' roll, hip-hop, or even heavy metal, a mural filled with musical notes will excite music lovers.


white wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

We at Decor2Go are committed to offering you the best decorations in the quickest, most hassle-free way possible. Come for the decorations; stay for convenience!

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