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How to Choose a Wallpaper or Wallpaper Mural?

How to Choose a Wallpaper or Wallpaper Mural?

The wallpaper you pick instantly becomes the canvas of the room and an environment to how you live, work and play. But how to choose one?

We are now gifted with such a massive choice of wallpapers, in fact, more than ever before. From beautiful heritage paint shades through to dramatic, bold, elegant wallpapers. Ideal to totally transform your living or workspaces with exciting textures, colours, and design. The only limit is your imagination!


We have been led to accept that painted walls are the only option for years, but it is no longer correct as wallpaper becomes more popular. When designing a theme, balancing colours and textures may be a great place to start. Although, you may miss out on even more if you disregard the wide variety of colours and textures of wallpaper. Intelligently crafted wallpaper designs can spruce up the room, whether it's an eye-catching removable print or a conventional style that demands more of an affinity.


However, selecting a suitable wallpaper and comprehend how much to buy. The wallpapers we choose can make a room look bigger, warmer, brighter, or the opposite, and even hide poor elements.


Colours establish the spirit in a room. Pick designs with cool-colour backgrounds, such as green, blue, or violet, to make the space appear more prominent with the ceiling elevated.


Soft cool colours offer tranquillity, while intense cool colours are fresh and scenic.

Blue Icy glacier wallpaper

Icy Glacier Wallpaper Mural

Red, Orange, and Yellow are a group of Warm Colors that will live up to their name and make people feel more pleasant. These are favoured in colder climates and function excellently in north-facing rooms. The more vibrant the colour, the more excitement it will offer to an area.

Warm Yellow Sunset sunlight nature forest wallpaper

African Savanna Wallpaper Mural

For a north-facing room, dark hallway, or windowless space, look for wallpapers that reflect light around the area, such as patterns with light colours and those with metallic or varicolored inks. We can also consider designs with soft surfaces that reflect maximum illumination.

Dark colours soak light, causing walls to seem closer and the space less roomy.

Dark Purple Floral flower wallpaper mural

Textured surfaces also manage to make a wall look darker.

Wood Orange Yellow Wallpaper Mural Nature Forest

Chopped Wood Wallpaper Mural

Prints with natural or perceived texture can hide wall imperfections or architectural sores. Tactile surfaces include grass and string cloth, burlap, foil, expanded vinyl, and even fabric. Additionally, papers simulate the look of marble, wood, leather, fabric, even animal skins.


For a formal look, work with large-scale patterns and dramatic colours. Pick little loose and regularly spaced motifs for a fun, colourful style, such as polka dots. Yet, don't forget the decorative impact of edges. Available in motifs from sports scenes to pastoral views to wildlife images. Borders quickly demonstrate the composition of a room.


Stripeslines, and streaks emphasize height, vitality, and formality. Upright patterns will make a ceiling occur more elevated. Horizontal or flat patterns influence width, suggest silence and leisure and make narrow rooms look more expansive.

deer pattern white wallpaper mural canada

Deer Pattern Wallpaper Mural

Small-sized patterns create a feeling of spaciousness, while expansive designs make rooms more personal.

Large-sized patterns with radiant colours and dark backdrops will make an empty room look more furnished.

Conversely, a patternless space can turn out to be entirely lifeless, and a room with excessive patterns can induce restlessness.


Picking wallpapers for your lovely home can sometimes make you nervous. Nevertheless, knowing what to look for will help you make the best selections for your rooms. At Decor2Go, there is a massive collection of wallpaper styles, colours, and textures. So if you want to cover all walls or an accent wall would look better in your room design, we at Decor2Go are happy to serve you.

A selected wallpaper that matches your home's style, and mixes the right amount of colour and pattern to suit your liking, can create a striking individual look.


Wallpaper is a simple and economical way to spruce up the look of your room. There are wallpapers for every occasion, regardless of what aesthetic you are heading for. From bold prints to soft neutrals- the options are limitless. And, don't forget the fifth wall, also known as the ceiling, for maximum impact. 


While this information may sound obvious, it is probably the most critical aspect of selecting wallpapers. Bedrooms call for minimal, serene patterns and soft shades that create a warm and romantic environment. If wallpapering a living room, kitchen, or other entertainment space, embrace colour and bold patterns to foster lively energy. Also, consider the scale of the area. Long vertical designs can accentuate high ceilings.


Smaller, more complex prints function well when a space has lots of windows, doors, and wall hangings, but they may be a bit cruel on large walls. Also, does the space call for each of your walls to have wallpaper, or will you only be decorating just one wall? All of these questions should be thought out before you make a decision.

When choosing wallpaper, the critical factor is finding a design you love. However, don't forget that not every design you love will suit your room.


Let's look at some of the fundamental reasons to choose wallpaper.

Extensive selection: Wallpaper offers a vast selection of styles, finishes and designs.

Elegant patterns: There are many tactile finishes to bring your room to life, such as pearl effects, jewel-coloured foils and metallics.

elegant pattern green wallpaper mural Canada Winnipeg

Leaves Lines Wallpaper Mural

Texture: Many textured finishes such as elegant silks, raised inks, traditional flocking, beads, and more.

marble white yellow canada winnipeg wallpaper mural

Endless designs: So many designs to choose from, including modern geometrics, florals, damask, faux brick, wood and other digitally printed patterns.

Blue Gold Ocean Marble Canada Winnipeg Wallpaper mural

Uncomplicated removal: Simple process to change your design to work with new colour schemes.


If you're looking for a stylish finish to your walls, Decor2Go will give you the best professional results.


Your living and working spaces are important to you, so they're essential to us too. So we are happy to help keep them that way by providing the wallpaper finish you've always wanted! 


If you liked any of these wallpapers and wish to explore more, make sure to visit Decor2Go!

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