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7 Wallpaper Mural Ideas for Animal Lovers

7 Wallpaper Mural Ideas for Animal Lovers

Unlike regular wallpaper, wall murals are customizable to fit your wall. As a result, every mural wall art is unique and special to your home. Because the mural doesn't feature any pattern repeat, it suits well on the feature walls. What's lovely about the wallpaper mural is its exceptional finish that beautifully exhibits colour and detail.


We want to share 7 favourite wallpaper murals featuring animals and other wildlife, perfect for animal lovers exploring interior decorating ideas!


Wild Animals and the Jungle Wallpaper Mural is perfect for a kid's bedroom or a playroom. It features an abundance of wildlife that is sure to liven up the space and spark your children's imaginations. This wallpaper mural compliments even the most eclectic furniture colours with a rich, colourful arrangement of animals. This wallpaper mural is best for creating a spirited, multi-coloured space from bright orange and yellow to lime green.

This fantastic wallpaper mural with lions, elephants, zebra, parrots, monkeys and more animals will create a magical wall for any kid's room. Enjoy the vintage and watercolour style on this wild wallpaper design to create new stories to talk about.


Animals Nature Forest Wallpaper Mural Canada Winnipeg


Oh Deer Wallpaper Mural: The deer is known for its endurance, grace, and long life. The deer is a famous Feng Shui symbol for longevity. The word for deer in Feng Shui is lu, which means income. Deer represents fame, recognition, and a long, successful career.

The great outdoors offers us scenic views and sometimes close encounters with nature's wild animal species. The Red Deer, which humans commonly encounter, is Decor2Go's wallpaper mural focal point. The mural's design has a mystic aesthetic through the foggy forest background.


Deer Animals Nature Forest Wallpaper Mural Canada Winnipeg


Hanging Koi Gardens Wallpaper Mural: Decorating your home with some positive and meaningful artwork can attract prosperous abundance and fortunate wealth into your life. Koi fish is one of the most auspicious animals in eastern cultures. Therefore, Koi fish wall decor for home interior design has become exceptional. The Koi fish have a unique, extraordinary inherited energy to swim upstream. Hence, it has been a symbol of resilience and bravery.

Add an elegant, luxurious touch to your living space with Decor2Go's Hanging Koi Gardens wallpaper mural. Inspired by the Chinese design motifs, the eastern artwork features koi fish patterns forming clouds and mountains on a cream sky background. Every eye tells a different story. The beauty of this wallpaper installation is its ability to morph into different perspectives. Everything from the colour palette to the flow of the designs in this wallpaper mural is inspired by Chinese artistry.


Hanging Koi Animals Nature Forest Wallpaper Mural Canada Winnipeg


Birds Of Paradise Wallpaper Mural: Pictures of birds bring positive results to the house. Many people do not get success even after working hard and diligently. If you are one of them, putting a picture of birds in your home will benefit you. Birds are considered auspicious; they make the environment blissful on its own.

Decor2Go's Birds of Paradise wallpaper murals will immerse you in feelings of peace and serenity. The pleasant colour palette creates an inviting atmosphere in any interior and guarantees conversation. This decorative mural features eye-catching yellow and red floral patterns that are complimented nicely by the darker shades of green. The four birds of paradise are the primary centrepiece of this installation.


Animals Nature Forest Blue Wallpaper Mural Canada Winnipeg


Dog Loft Wallpaper Mural: It's a universal fact that kids love puppies. Any doggie obsessed kid would be elated to wrap their bedroom walls with puppies. Still, it's important to remember another fact: Dog-loving kids grow up to be dog-loving adults. And dog fanatics of any age will be charmed by Decor2Go's Dog Loft Wallpaper Mural.

Are you ready to embrace being a dog lover? If you're unsure, our Dog Loft wallpaper mural might be the one to change your mind. The mural's design features various of your favourite doggos, all smiling right at you. With the neutrality of this black and white mural, you can get creative and bring in your desired pops of colour into the space with no worries of clashing.


Dog Loft Animals Nature Forest Wallpaper Mural Canada Winnipeg


Cat Party Wallpaper Mural: Show your love of animals with a playful cat wallpaper through your home decor. Decor2Go's Cat Party Wallpaper Mural will express your affection for our feline friends in a stylish way. Please browse our range of cute and colourful cat wallpapers for kids' bedrooms and adult rooms too. So why not display your passion for pets in your living room, bedroom, or any area that needs a burst of energy.

Our Cat Party wallpaper mural is perfect for you! We all know humans often have a soft spot for those furry felines, and our mural brings their cuddly faces right into your room. The pops of colour within the design provide you with a wide range of colour palettes that could work for different aesthetics.


Feline Cat Animals Nature Forest Wallpaper Mural Canada Winnipeg


Bear Family Wallpaper Mural: In many cultures, bears are spiritual beings. The bear is a powerful force. The bear symbolises the fearlessness to grow and the power to be open-minded. In addition, the bear reminds us to trust our instincts and to be protective of our faith. Children love their Teddy bears and Pooh bears, and indeed "Pooh bear" is an often-used term of endearment. 

Decor2Go's Bear Family Wallpaper Mural creates a charming feature wall for any child's room. This illustration features an adorable pack of huggable bears with a soft, neutral colour palette that keeps your whole room looking sweet and stylish.

This Wallpaper Mural is perfect for public nurseries, kinder garden walls, or any child space in your house like playrooms or basements.


Bear White Animals Nature Forest Wallpaper Mural Canada Winnipeg


If you'd like to explore more Animal Wallpaper Murals, be sure to visit our Animal Collection!



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