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5 Abstract Designs to keep you wondering for long

5 Abstract Designs to keep you wondering for long

Can't decide the pattern? Go for abstract prints.


Add a touch of unique and original wall decor to your home by choosing from our vast options of abstract wallpaper designs. Abstract art has always been a trendy topic of conversation, and some of the most famous people were true advocates of it. At Decor2Go, we have worked hard to arrange this fantastic collection.


Our abstract design wallpapers collection has something for everyone and every room. It is one of the best ways to add a design without permanently modifying your walls, allowing you to be part of any current trend. Bring warmth, style and depth to any room using our fantastic collection of Abstract Design Wallpapers. They are the perfect additional touch that you never knew you were missing and will never be able to live without again.


Our abstract wallpaper sticks smoothly and efficiently to any wall, hiding imperfections. They do not leave crinkles or spots and do not shine or reflect when there is excessive light, meaning that they are always suitable to be in your home.


The beauty of abstract art is that there is no right or wrong way to interpret the various shapes and patterns. As a result, abstract patterns make exciting additions to an otherwise plain room. There is nothing to worry about the design alignment with this type of wallpaper. Any random arrangement of the pattern will look intentional!


Not having abstract art in your space is like living in a black and white world when colours are an option. Symbols, shapes, lines, or random patterns influence our subconscious mind, controlling more than 90% of our behaviours and decisions. Several arts, signs or paintings exist in our home or workplace that bring inspiration, coolness, creativity, and comfort to your life. An image around us influences us daily, whether you realize it.


  1. Abstract Geometry Wallpaper: Decor2Go's Abstract Geometry wallpaper mural will turn your plain wall into a feature worthy of a modern art gallery. The lines of this mural all connect and branch out to form complex geometric patterns.

    blue yellow pink wallpaper mural winnipeg canada

  2. Abstract Mountains Wallpaper: Transform your feature wall into a brilliant abstract mountainscape overlooked by a vibrant blue sky. Our magical Abstract Mountains Wallpaper Mural will deliver a marvel of creative nature to the comfort of your home. Bring depth and tranquillity to any space. This mural matches perfectly with rustic and wooden furniture to help complement the many tones of blue and red.

    blue pink orange wallpaper mural mountains winnipeg canada

  3. Abstract Wave and Sand Wallpaper: Decor2Go's Abstract Wave and Sand wallpaper mural is a unique decoration that combines abstract art and a Mediterranean colour scheme to bring the vibrant atmosphere of the coast into your home. Every eye tells a different story. The beauty of this wallpaper installation is its ability to morph into different perspectives. There's no right or wrong answer from waves to sand to clouds. The subtle shades of blue and gold create an elegant and minimal aesthetic, perfectly complimenting any modern interior.

    blue abstract art wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

  4. Ballet Dancer Silhouette Wallpaper: The Ballet Dance Drawing Wallpaper Mural represents the sensitivity and modern femininity of one of the most beautiful arts. The soft colour scheme with abstract shapes adds a modern and bright background to the black silhouette dancing on your wall.

    ballete dancer pink wallpaper mural canada winnipeg

  5. Slate Rock Wallpaper: Do you desire a darker aesthetic to compliment your space without breaking the bank? Utilize our Slate Rock textured wallpaper mural to redesign your space bringing in the rigid stone masonry work right into your home. The textured wallpaper's abstract yet coordinated stone layers can achieve a real depth for your design needs.

    black rock abstract winnipeg canada wallpaper mural


A room previously suffering from an identity crisis can suddenly make sense with art that communicates.

A home is incomplete without art. The visually stunning environment created by abstract art adds life to any space. In addition, we have noticed that children who interact with art daily perform better.

Art is one of the most practical ways to release happy hormones in our bodies. These hormones are called endorphins, and they help reduce stress levels by lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and improving moods. Art is so therapeutic that it works magic on our minds and allows a seamless state of positive emotions.

Art is like music in our atmosphere, making our life extremely joyful, and it has a significant impact on our feelings.

Our Abstract wallpaper mural transforms even the dullest of walls into an exciting feature that's sure to catch the eye of guests and improve the overall look of your interior.

We at Decor2Go are committed to offering you the best decorations in the quickest, most hassle-free way possible. So come for the decorations; stay for convenience!

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